The Platform for Identity Verification

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Tailor-made Ident Solutions

With paybox Ident, there are several identification procedures to choose from. Whether for contracts, registrations, or purchases – paybox Ident is an optimal solution and can be easily integrated into your digital applications.

Checking Customer Identities

Our ID Procedures

Austrian banks have more than 4.3 million verified customer identities. For identity verification, the data of the customers are compared with the identity of their online bank account. Due to the familiar online banking environment, this procedure achieves a high level of acceptance.

Almost all Austrians have a passport, driving licence or identity card. For identity verification, the customer data are compared with a valid photo ID. Thanks to the mobile phone camera, Foto-Ident is ideal for applications on the smartphone.

The Handy-Signatur procedure compares the customer's data with over 1.4 million verified identities from A-Trust, the digital ID for official affairs. To use the Handy-Signatur, you need a mobile phone number and a signature password. For approval, a TAN code is sent by SMS.

No matter what industry you are in and what your use case looks like – paybox Ident enables simple, fast and legally compliant identification.

Mag. Stephan Hanzal, MBA
Managing Director